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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cover to cover

Fellow blogger Old Cheeser has tagged me (ouch!) to reveal my top 10 top albums. I'm assuming CDs are allowed aswell as the vinyl and in order not to bore the gentle readers who have stumbled onto me blog, I'm listing only my top 5 and they're in no particular order. And yes, they're all true. Yes, really. Yes, even Half a Bloody Sixpence, all right? Click on the link under each picture to listen to my favourite track from each album via the magic of YouTube.

Blondie: Plastic Letters - favourite track
David Bowie: Hunky Dory - favourite track

Alison Moyet: Hoodoo - favourite track

Half a Sixpence: Soundtrack - favourite track

Everything But The Girl: Eden - favourite track


Steve said...

For Tommy Steele alone - Gawb bless yer, ma'am! I have a soft spot for Little White Bull. Karen and I watched Half A Sixpence on New Year's Day a couple of years ago. Such a nice comfy movie.

Steve said...

Gawb? Gabw?! Should 'ave been Gawd that should! Gor lumme!

Old Cheeser said...

Well done Nora and thanks! Of course you could include CDs, that's what I meant, though of course people often take "album" to mean just vinyl...well, us 30-somethings anyway, some of these young uns probably don't even know what "vinyl" is!

Interesting choices. Now I confess I don't know many of these albums atall. Blondie have always been ultra cool but I only know the singles. David B - same again! I never heard Alison M's "Hoodoo", did have a copy of "Alf" but that one was more commercial and poppy really! She does have an amazing voice, for sure. And "Half a sixpence" eh? Sorry but I hate Tommy Steele! Each to their own, chuck. EBTG are good and I actually liked it when they went dancey and trendy with that "Walking Wounded" album. "Missing" was great as a dance track...though I suspect maybe you're more of a traditionalist and like the original stuff better, Nora?

Anyway - cheers again!

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