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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fish fingers and Suggs

I had a rant at the telly last night when I saw Suggs advertising fish fingers. Nothing wrong with fish fingers, I love 'em and I'm quite fond of Suggs too. But I ranted away when I saw him selling his soul to the adman. Why couldn't he have been advertising something trendy, Doc Marten shoes, Brylcreem - anything but fish fingers? And when I finished my rant my boyfriend said he couldn't understand what I was going on about... and that's when it hit me. I was ranting because seeing Suggs on TV doing an advert, for something as mundane as fish fingers, meant the end of era as I knew it. It reminded me I'm not the 17 year old Madness fan I was once. I'm grown up and so is Suggs. It took a while for the realisation of the rant to hit home but when it did, a lump welled up in my throat and I had a bit of a moment.

If you haven't yet had your youth pulled to pieces by watching Suggs advertising fish fingers, it's online right here.


Steve said...

I agree. One step beyond? Three steps backwards more like. Shame. And I hate how they throw the peas around. I'd go ape if my family did that.

Sky Clearbrook said...

The Nutty Boys sold their souls a long time ago when they advertised the Honda City in Japan in th early '80s.

Mind you, "In The City" which they composed for it later turned up on the b-side of "Cardiac Arrest" and was a bit of a corker.

If memory serves, I'm sure they did a later one for Sekonda using a bastardised version of "Madness".

Old Cheeser said...

I know what you mean. Unfortunately lots of decent artistes end up succumbing to the lure of the cash at some point. Look at Julie Walters and Victoria Wood - two very classy actresses and comediennes - doing adverts for bloody ASDA!! Nooo!!

Anonymous said...

I'm Dutch and still a big Madness fan, but obviously I didn't see the advert. If 'd have a say, Suggs wouldn't do adverts, but that's just me wanting to keep Madness (and the old times) as they were.
There are many people I really appreciate in Holland who do ads and I must admit I hated it at first.
On the other hand, people have to make a living. Don't know what I would do (although I wouldn't do fish fingers since they make me sick). I guess it's in line with the way Madness always have been. Quite down to earth (as opposed to all those bands who are busy making legends out of themselves. It always annoyed me that Madness weren't taken as seriously as The Specials (although I love the Specials). Madness never preached, the Specials did, they were quite rigid in their politics. Madness dealt with political issues, but without telling you what to think, which is far more difficult and stands the test of time.
But to come back to the subject, what does selling your soul mean? I go to work everyday, but my work doesn't say anything about me. I'm doing my job because I need to eat, but I am not my job. I think there's no real difference, why judge someone who's in the public in a different way? Would you end a friendship if a friend of yours appeared in an ad? Wouldn't be much of a friendship.
As a matter of fact, prefer Suggs doing ads to him being Bono.
Madness are still making great music and that's what matters, I guess.
But maybe I'm mjust rambling on, if so, take no notice and don't buy any fish fingers!

Linda said...

Yep, I also had a bit of a moment about this, not as bad as A Town Called Malice flogging Clarks shoes or that New Order (or was it Joy Division?) car ad thingy?

I nearly fell off my chair when Victoria Wood turned up in Asda. I think Asda is so crap.

Anonymous said...

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