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Monday, May 07, 2007

Fish at Kew

Tribe of Toffs released John Kettley is a Weatherman (and so is Michael Fish) many, many years ago. The reason I mention this is that I saw Michael Fish yesterday on an excellent visit to Kew Gardens where the azaleas were out in force, above.

You know how when you see someone in real life that you've only ever seen on the telly before, they're usually a bit smaller / taller / fatter / thinner in real life than they look on TV? Michael Fish looked posher.


Steve said...

Wow. He must really slum it in front of his isobars.

KAZ said...

Ooo you little 'name dropper'.

Was he the one that didn't wear shoes or have I got that wrong again?

Old Cheeser said...

He was the one that told us not to worry about any hurricanes in 1987 and that all such rumours were a load of old tosh.

And then promptly South England was hit by the worst hurricane ever, causing loadsa devastation.

I'm sure he got the weather right most of the time though.

And I remember that song all too well!

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