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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

My Mention in @Mslexia #amwriting

I've been a subscriber to Mslexia magazine (the magazine for women who write) since its inception years ago. I even interviewed their editor Debbie Taylor as part of my journalism project at the end of my degree in 2001.

I devoured every word of the magazine, determined that one day I would become a writer. I kept on writing, kept on devouring the words, kept on learning, did more writing, did less writing, got nowhere fast, stopped writing all together (almost), cancelled my subscription to Mslexia.

And then in 2015 I started writing again. I started getting published - short stories in women's magazines, the commission of a weekly soap opera for The People's Friend magazine, an agent, a handful of publishers fighting for my debut work, a deal for three novels.



I nip myself daily. Is this real?

It seems as if it must be, because it's in Mslexia magazine.

I've been given a mention on their website on their Readers' Success Stories page, all the way down at the end.

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