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Saturday, July 29, 2017

My big fat novel-writing diary - week 2

It's the end of week two of my novel writing adventure and here I am with another blog post.

This week has been busy with research. I've immersed myself in a time and a place. I've been talking to people, to experts in their field, researchers, writers.  I've handled objects from decades ago; held original documents in my hands that have made me cry; pored over maps.

I've visited museums and walked the village in which my story is set, walking the streets as my lead character, seeing it all through her eyes.

Our spare room has now become my working and writing room, taken over by corkboards to which I've pinned pictures, maps and notes.

I am almost ready to write.

Many months ago, before writing a novel was part of my plan, I booked an afternoon of meditation to help calm my creative, busy mind. That afternoon is tomorrow, the day before I begin to shape my thoughts into words.

Perfect, perfect timing.

If you missed it, week 1 of the diary is here.

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