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Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Perfect Sunny Sunday in Sunderland

Today has been just about perfect.  A sunny Sunday in Sunderland.

It started with a 10 mile bike ride with my husband in the sunshine. We cycled into town, through town, down to the river and back home along the beach.  Then we started working in the garden. Well, I call it 'working' in the garden but it's a joy to potter about with trowel in hand. I pottered, I weeded, I watered, I dug, I looked and smiled. I even took some photos.

Then I made some bread. Focaccia, if you're asking. I picked rhubarb from the garden and stewed it for dessert after dinner tonight.  Then when the sun went in, we came into the house, tired, happy, ready for our second can of cider after the first didn't even touch the sides as we sat outside and drunk it in the sunshine. Well, us gardeners have to have our rewards.

And while my husband cooked dinner in the kitchen, the soundtrack to the cooking is one of my favourites, perfect for sunny Sunday afternoons, DJ Derek with a strong reggae beat.

It's been a sunny Sunday in Sunderland and I couldn't be happier.

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