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Friday, March 10, 2017

Poem: Celebrating Doris Day day

Each week I send an entry into The Spectator's Let's Twist writing competition. It's a fun, weekly creative writing challenge which I really enjoy entering - and reading other people's wininng entries.

I've never won it so far and I doubt I ever will, there are some hugely talented, literary writers there.

However, I've had a mention in this week's competition!

The task was to write a poem making the case for a commemorative day for a person or thing of my choice.  And so, here's my entry, which does get a mention, as I put forward the case for a national Doris Day Day. 

Doris Day Day

Hip hip hooray
For Doris Day day
She's the all-American girl next door
For Doris Day day
She’s the one we all adore
So move over, darling
Let’s take the day off
And raise a glass to Doris Day
Or, as we really should say…
… to Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff

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