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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Me, EU and why I feel sick inside my soul

A photo I took in Sunderland on European Way, Friday 24 June 2016
For over 20 years I worked in University administration, mainly as a PA to high-profile Professors and Scientists, people who were internationally regarded as being at the top of their profession. I was always proud to work providing support to people like these, people who were leading research teams finding new ways to understand how to beat cancer, for instance. People who were saving lives. People who were changing the world, for the better. I feel fortunate that I have come to know such people, and to work for them at Universities in London and in the north-east.

But now,  I worry about these research teams. How they will continue to run in a world where the rules will all change? Where once their research was funded by Europe, will it now stop? Will lives be lost? Will the European research collaborations come to an end? Will people die where once cures could have been found?

And living in Sunderland, a city where Japanese car manufacturer Nissan employ 8,000 people, what will happen to those jobs once Nissan decide it's cheaper to manufacture inside the EU? Will jobs be lost? Will livelihoods be wrecked? Will the city of Sunderland be destroyed?  At the time of writing, to our local paper, Nissan have issued "no comment". However, just prior to Brexit, Nissan expressed their preference - again to our local paper - for a Remain vote.

There are too many unknowns. No-one seems prepared for Brexit, least of all the politicians. They're scrambling, on both sides, and tearing their parties apart.

And as they do so, the nastiness has begun.

Less than a week after our country voted to leave the EU, things have happened which have angered and upset me. I'm not a politician. I'm not even a political animal. I am just a human being - hurt, saddened, angered, confused and extremely worried by what's happened since the Leave vote went through.
  • An increase in hate crime reported. Even David Cameron has condemned the rise of  racist and xenophobic abuse after Brexit. Read the story here.
  • A Neo-Nazi pictured celebrating Brexit on the front cover of The Sun, the front cover of my local paper The Sunderland Echo and on most television screens when the vote from Sunderland was announced.

  • Nigel Farage and the rise and rise of horror and lies.

  • Self-confessed homophobe Stephen "Homosexuality is a sickness, it can be cured" Crabb standing for election as Chair of the Conservative Party.  Read the story here.

None of this can be the new normal. Please, it can not.

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