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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Don't do an Adele

What disappoints me most about telly singing shows like The Voice and X-Factor is that everyone tries to sound like someone else, someone already famous. 

They warble, they croon. They want to sound like Adele. It's not enjoyable to listen to and I want them to stop.  I want them to find their own voice and sing as themselves.

In my writing, I know that I've been guilty in the past of wanting to sing like Adele, in a literary sense. I've wanted to write like Margaret Atwood and have, to that end, even tried. I've failed miserably at it in much the same way the wanna-be singers on the telly shows fail. 

But I know now that the only way to forge forward with my writing is to write as myself.

I've found my own style.

I've found my own voice.

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