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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The fruit bowl inventory

My fruit bowl shames me. It never has much, if any, fruit in it. That's not because I don't eat fruit, I do, but I tend to buy it and eat it rather than keep it in the house, if that makes sense. The fruit bowl therefore acts more like a drawer in a cupboard, full of stuff we need, or at least like to keep, at hand.  But still, the shame is there and so I've decided to share the shame of my fruit bowl with the internet and list its current inventory.

1 x Resident Access Permit for the Sunderland Air show this weekend.
1 x notepad on which I wrote this list
1 pair of binoculars
1 banana - hey, fruit!
1 apple - hey, fruit!
2 pairs of sunglasses
1 packet of spinach beet seeds
3 tubes of suncreen - two for body, one for face
1 Coronation Street eraser in the shape of the Rovers Return
1 small plastic bottle of anti-bacterial handwash (dumped in there after we returned from a festival)
1 packet Ibuprofen (for migraine)
1 glass and crystal ladybird on a leaf
1 pewter brooch in the shape of a flower
1 B&Q receipt
1 John Lewis receipt (I'm showing off now)
1 postcard from a relative in Japan with a picture of a Beatrix Potter animal on the front
1 pot containing pens, pencils, a ruler, a pair of cheap reading glasses
1 "thing" to make proggy mats with (I keep meaning to ring Beamish to see if they want it)
2 hand torches (from the last time we went to see Rocky Horror show; keeping them for the next)
2 elastic bands (small)
2 pieces of tiny sea glass (green)
1 mint in a wrapper (the type you get after a meal in an Italian restaurant)

But hey, there was fruit!
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