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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tinsel on, Tinsel off

When to take the Christmas tree down is a sore point in our house. I want it down on January 1st - out with the old and in with the new.

And then there is the point of view that would like to keep the tree up until 12th night.

And so this year we settled on a compromise. The tree was taken down on the the day after the Christmas Radio Times ran out.

Our Nordmann fir has now gone to be recycled. It's what it would have wanted.
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Tvor said...

Mine is still up but mine is artificial so there's no danger of it drying out. I will probably start undecorating it tomorrow and through the week and take it apart next weekend.

Digger said...

I'm with you - I particularly can't stand to have the deccies still deccing once we've gone back to work. This year, they all came down on the 30th, since we were spending New Year with some mates and didn't want to return, after all the festivities were over, to the task of undeccing. I used to get into arguments with strange foreigners who insisted it was bad luck to take them down BEFORE twelfth night. Now I just ignore them :o)

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