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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Books I read on my holidays 2014

Just back from a lovely bit of Spain and while I was there I got through four novels and one band biography as follows:

Monique Roffey - White Woman on a Green Bicycle
Another wonderful book from someone who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors - check out her website.  Set in Trinidad, it's a love story to the island and between an English couple who live there. Monique's style always leaves me feeling I want to know more - about the background to her stories, about Monique herself.  I lost myself in this book, it was magic, and  cried a little bit too.  10/10.

Douglas Kennedy - The Job
His publishers should be given a stern talking to about the covers of his books because they make his work look like chick-lit when they're anything but.  Also this book had nothing to do with a woman and a suitcase.  It did have a lot to do with the American dream going sour. It's a rollercoaster of a read, you jump in the carriage on page one and don't stop until it chucks you off at the end of the book. A cracking storyteller.  9/10.

Roddy Doyle - The Guts
I haven't read The Commitments but this book made me want to go back and start at the beginning with the Barrytown trilogy. A great book that had me laughing out loud a lot. Very enjoyable, read it in one go.  10/10

Barracuda - Christos Tsiolkas
An Australian family saga about achievement and failure, growing up male.  It was a strong storyline that was well written but didn't have the magic I like in a book.  Still, very enjoyable.  7/10

Unknown Pleasures - Inside Joy Division, by Peter HookExcellent read and I learned a lot. Set me off thinking I ought to read Debbie Curtis' book next, which is on my list now.  8/10.
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