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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Singing along to the musicals with Grandma

Today I have indulged myself listening to my two favourite musical soundtracks on CD.  These are, and I certainly couldn't pick a favourite from the two... so in aphabetical order - Half a Sixpence and The Sound of Music.
The reason I love both of them and hold them dear to my heart is that they remind me of grandma. She took me to the ABC in Sunderland when I was a kid to see both films. And if memory serves me right, we went to see both films, just she and I, more than once. Perhaps even, more than twice. 

And while singing along to the soundtracks from my favourite musicals, and thinking of grandma, I also remembered she always used to have a packet of polo mints in her handbag. Everywhere we went together, the polo mints were there. And now, I've usually got a packet of polos in my handbag too.

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