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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rocky Horror Picture Show

To the theayter last night to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Sunderland Empire. I'm a big fan of Rocky Horror. I owned the casette tape of the movie soundtrack as a teenager, bought the film on VHS then the anniversary box set on DVD and have seen it live on stage four times now.

Last night's production was part of the UK tour for the 40th anniversary of the stage show and it was brilliant. We went to the late night, last night show where almost all of the audience were in fancy dress, including all seven of us.

And once you get over the disappointment that Tim Curry will never be on stage again as Frank-n-Furter, then Oliver Thornton really excelled and made the role his own.

A fantastic night, loved every minute, especially the full capacity of 2,000 fans singing along to 'Don't Dream It, Be It' which sent a chill down my spine and put a lump in my throat.


Tvor said...

I have never seen it in a cinema or on stage! My life will not be complete until this is rectified

Vicky said...

one of my favourite movies of all time :)

Digger said...

When we saw the 30th Anniversary show, Kevin Kennedy was The Narrator. AND FLIPPIN' RICHARD O'BRIEN came on stage at the end!!!Brilliant, brilliant night. You're right Tvor - you HAVE to see it. Live, preferably.

Incidentally I can NOT believe it's 10 years since we saw it. For flip's sake.

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