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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seasonal sexism

I hate Christmas telly adverts with a vengeance.  It's 2012 and we still have to endure the most sexist telly adverts just because it's Christmas.

Christmas telly adverts always get up my nose because more than any other time of the year, with their hyper-feminity - perfumes, make-up, hair curlers/straighteners/wavers and hyper-masculinity - power tools, heavy booze, heavy gadgets - stereotypes that should have gone out with the ark.  But no, they're still here and unfortunately being beamed into our homes once more

Morrisons' blurb says their campaign "...shows Christmas as it really is. Mum wrestling with the turkey, mountains of sprouts to peel and an interfering mother-in-law!
Have a gawk at it here.

And Tesco's just as bad. As Adam Ant's Prince Charming plays, the fella of the family saves the day when the poor woman just can't cope with the mountain of food she's expected to prepare. 
Have a gawk at it here.

And I've 'ad enough of Asda with their supermum does it all Christmas TV ad with the nauseating tagline: Behind every great Christmas there's mum.  
Have a gawk at it here

Mind you, Aldi's got a good Christmas ad this year. No women, no men, no sexism. It's nice.

See also: Myth-busting the Christmas adverts by the BBC

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