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Thursday, March 29, 2012

This isn't just ordinary vegetarian food

I like Marks & Spencer and I like vegetarian food.  So you'd think that the two things combined - buying vegetarian ready meals from Marks & Spencer - would work. But it doesn't.

Some of their vegetarian ready meal range is great and I'm a big fan of their veggie kievs and veggie mousakka. They're gorgeous, they really are, and well worth paying for. 

But, tempted after trying those two tasty ready meals, I ventured further and succumbed to buying their stuffed red peppers.  Unfortunately they ended up in the bin after a couple of mouthfuls. How can Marks &Spencer get veggie food so right at times and at others, so wrong?

Undeterred, this week I bought their new Melting Moments Mushroom Bakes. They looked nice, smelled good but if there was mushroom in there, I'm yet to find it. All I could taste was potato and as for the melting moment in the middle, it was a gooey kind of butter that tasted of salt. These mushroom bake things came in a pack of two and one of them is still sitting in the fridge. I reckon it'll go from there to the bin instead of being eaten, it was that bad.

So come on, Marksies, do us veggies a favour and get your act together. You know you can do it when you try.

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