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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ships that pass

I've become the sort of person that I don't understand. And I know I've become the sort of person that I don't understand because I've bought a picture for the living room that's got a ship on it.

Up until the age of about 30, whenever I went to anyone's house where there was a picture in the living room with ships on it, I'd wonder to myself where the joy of that was, where the beauty of a sea scene was, and came to the conclusion that you had to be a fuddy-duddy to want to have a picture with ships on your wall.

And now I've gone and done it. Not just one, but two. Mind you, these aren't just any old ships. These are pictures of ships in my favourite place of Scarborough, painted by a famous artist in whose house I have stayed.

So if you're under 30 and you come to visit, don't judge me by the ships. I'm not an old fuddy-duddy, not yet.

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Anya said...

Hi - I have been reading your updates from time to time over the years, naughty me - I am in Canada - where as you know we are behind (but catching up fast!) I love the way you write! On this post, I was compelled to write, because I have recently seen episodes of your Brit show "Miranda" - which I love, and I found the tone of your post rather humorous a la Miranda. I hope you don't mind - and that you don't totally hate Miranda! Btw - I was born in Luton! Cheers from snowy Quebec!

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