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Friday, August 26, 2011

Google Adsense and sensibility

If you're a long time visitor to Flaming Nora, you'll have noticed the new layout and er, um, the ads. I hate them as much as you do, believe me.
But I find myself in the rather unfortunate position of being in-between jobs (aka desperately seeking work) and therefore ads on the the blog provide a tiny little amount of money, without which I can't go out and boogie.  Hope you understand and I also hope it's a temporary blip and I can remove them soon. 

1 comment:

Digger said...

Ah. There you are. I wondered, for a minute, whether there was any actual writing on the site.

No, don't worry. They're not *that* intrusive. Once you get used to them.

I guess I should admit to being impressed that your Adsense pays out anything at all. My own paltry efforts haven't yet matured to the point of coughing up. Still it's probably only been about 3 years since I added Adsense, and I'm already up to around 10% of the balance I need before Google will pay out. So at this rate I'll be able to spend the dosh on my 80th birthday celebrations.

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