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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Middlesbrough - it's really not that bad

Just back from a smashing day out in Middlesbrough.  It's a town I've not visited in my adult life although I vaguely remember being dragged there on the train for a day's shopping by my mother when I was kid.  Anyway, it's a surprisingly nice place and well worth a visit. 

We took in MIMA - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, a walk around the very pleasant town centre and a dodge out to the Transporter Bridge, the largest one in the world. For 70p each way, per person, we travelled back and forth across the Tees and went into the visitor centre too. A walk around the Middlehaven area, currently being regenerated, was well worth a look, taking in Middlesbrough FC's Riverside Stadium and the stunning Anish Kapoor's world's largest public art project.

Mind you, it wasn't all good. We were taken by surprise walking around the town centre when a voice boomed out of loud speakers on the main street telling us we were being watched by CCTV.  So, there's still a way to go to revitalise the town centre totally but if you're in the area, Middlesbrough is well worth a look. 

It's really not that bad. In fact, it's rather nice.

I've created a photo album from our visit today, have a look at it here.

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