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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blogging away merrily

Realising I haven't blogged about anything much other than the Coronation Street weekly updates for a very long time, I owe my reader an explanation.

I'm busy.
Really busy.
Busy like you wouldn't believe, and it's All Good.

I'll be back when I can.


Fran said...

Sounds like positive stuff you're busy on! The best type!

Wendy Middleton said...

Congratulations, Glenda!! I would love a proposal on Maxine's bench. Unfortunately, it is harder to find the right guy than the right bench. Cheers, Wendy Middleton, Canada

Steve said...

Good busy is better than bad busy!

Barry Coidan said...

I'm sorry being busy is no excuse, Flaming Nora.

I'm not busy: do you hear me complaining about blogging too much?

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