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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Loose Change

I'm a fan of Loose Women. There I've said it. Well, I fit their demographic so well. I'm from working-class stock but now with a bit of cash in my pocket so I can buy the latest slap (because I'm worth it) and I know all the words to I Will Survive.

Anyway, much as I love the programme and never miss it when I'm work sick and sniffling on the sofa, here's my ideal Loose Women panel line-up...

Liza Tarbuck, Julie Burchill, Mariella Frostrup, Victoria Coren and Pauline Quirke as the host.

Now that'd be a telly programme worth watching.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Must confess I am a fan too and have to profess a profound liking for Carol McGiffin, Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan and Jane McDonald. Not so sure about Sherrie Hewson (who I think is a man hater - possibly with good reason) and Denise Welch who is a bit slapdash and a bit too full of herself. Just my opinion.

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