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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tour de France - cycle of sexism

Each summer I end up watching the Tour de France on telly because my bloke's a big fan and it's on. The scenery's always stunning, the spectators sometimes stupid and the cyclists full of energy.

But each time I watch it I can't help but think the Tour is stuck in a 1970s cycle of sexism. Get rid of the dolly birds, Tour de France, they're unncessary anywhere. The Tour de France glamour girls with no other purpose than to be wheeled in to pout for photos, continue to make the sport look dated and dull.


KAZ said...

Oh The French - what are they like eh?
So many powerful women in their parliament and yet they simply don't get this sort of offensive sexism.
My bloke is addicted to the tour as well - so I know all about it.
Bring back Richard Virenque.

Steve said...

And quite why these women would want to kiss a sweaty cyclist with a numb bum is beyond me.

Fishwife said...

Why should they care what you think? You are an older woman - like me - and therefore a nullity in the eyes of sportsmen and TV producers alike. We are invisible and inaudible. Might as well just crunch down now on those cyanide tablets.

TracyExUK said... haven't watched Formula One lately have you?

The Sagittarian said...

There is a general lack of studs awaiting to smooch sportswimmin too...(thankfully)

Clippy Mat said...

women as accessories! when will we ever learn?

Mapman said...

You obviously haven't been following @TweeterSagan on Twitter have you?
The Podium Girls play a very important part in his life

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