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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pink beer?

Regular readers (hello mum) will know I like a drop of proper beer. So as you can imagine, I'm horrified and saddened and not to say more a little patronised, to read in today's Sunday paper that the American Coors Brewery are trying to entice more British women to drink its ale by launching a pink beer. Ooh, let's all rush out in our pink high heels and buy some. Not.

For a beer blog written by a woman, have a look here. It doesn't get much better.


KAZ said...

I didn't fight the fight against 'Watney's Red Barrell' to drink pink beer.

Steve said...

Pink? Do women really do pink? I thought pink was purely for ricj city types and metrosexuals... Beer should be brown. Or black. Nowt else!

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